Sea and lake crossings as a challenge for handicapped and non-handicapped swimmers
Background: Spinal cord injury, c 5/6 tetraplegic since 1971. Date of birth: 1942.

During the last 15 years I’m training swimming over longer distances. In summer in an open 50 m pool at a water temperature of 26°/27°. In winter in a closed 25 m pool at a water temperature of 26°/27°

My actual regular training consists in:
Three times per week: 3000 m in ca. 120 min. On exceptional days I swim a little faster.
Regular training in itself being somewhat monotonous i.e. to motivate myself, I planned and executed sea- or lake crossings for the last years. As a preparation for these crossings, training times have ev. to be raised if necessary.

2011, August 25th I crossed the lake of Zurich from Zurich Restaurant Seestern to Zurichhorn: 2000 m, water temperature: 26°, without wetsuit.

2012, October 25th I crossed the Golfo di Tugullio (Rapallo) from Zoagli Marina di Bardi to Santa Margherita Ligure Hotel Regina Elena: 3300 m, water temperature 18°. The water temperature was too cold although I had a wetsuit on. It took me half an hour of showering under hot water to warm up.

2013, July 28th, 2013 I crossed the Lake of Zurich from Waedenswil Giessau, Seeclub to Staefa, Seebad Lattenberg: ca. 3100 m, water temperature ca. 24,5° without wetsuit. During the last 1000 m of the crossing sudden cross-waves came up that proved too high so I had to make use of help by the support boat i.e. clinge to a rope and to be tugged to the shore.

2013, September 28th I crossed the Strait of Messina from Messina Sicily Via Fortino to Canitello Calabria to : Ca. 3500 m, water temperature ca. 25° without wetsuit in 82 min.

2014, September 7th I crossed  the Golfo di Tigullio, Rapallo, but this time from Zoagli Centro (Duca) to S. Margherita Porto: 4000m.

2015, August 23rd I took part at the Traversata Lugano: Crosuing of the Lago di Lugano from San Rocco/Caprino to Lugano Lido: Officially ca. 4 km.

2016, September 1st, I crossed the bay of Rapallo from Zoagli to Portofino (6000m) in 3 h 11 min.

I wonder if other lone warriors over 50, handicapped or not would be interested in such open water crossings and whether any organisations would be willing to support such events in any given way.

It goes without saying that participants of such crossings must guarantee a careful preparation i.e. training as well as a personal logistic support. If there are several participants, such an event needs in itself even more meticulous preparation, mobilising and organisation of a back staff.